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“sir “ Luminous aka Dean Vitale is an America singer/songwriter and producer. Dean Vitale was born 5/14/1993 in New Haven, CT. By the age of 3 months, Dean was signed with A+ Models and did many print jobs through the age of 7. He was featured in two commercials. 

Dean has always had a love for music. At the age of 9, he was given an MBOX2 and he started to discover his talents as a singer. With influences like Prince, James Brown, Michael Jackson, and Ryan Leslie, Dean started writing lyrics. 

After a few years of playing around with beats and lyrics, Dean got involved in a Performance Team at Jamz Studio. As he got more involved with the Performance Group and as Dean’s family and friends became privy to his talents, they encouraged Dean to entertain and perform more. His music became more important to him and the performer Dean "HB” Vitale started to evolve. At 15, Dean decided to take his music career to the next level. He signed with a management company in NYC in April 2009.  Dean, along with his hype-man and 5 background dancers started performing all around NYC creating a buzz.  

In 2011, After losing his grandparents (his biggest fans) 4 months apart, Dean wanted to keep the connection of his grandparents name and their spiritual guidance alive. "L&S for life" is his slogan.  L= Linda Vitale and S=Stanley Vitale.  Finding a word that connected and represented his grandparent's life was difficult....then the word Luminous came to him. The artist Luminous now started to evolve. Luminous started writing and producing his own music and performing all over the country. He has also been featured in multiple films; one in particular "The New Edition Story".   

Spending a lot of time on Instagram during the pandemic, Luminous captured the attention of Mr. Herb Middleton, Grammy Award winning producer. Herb is the founder/president of Moontown Records & Publishing Inc. Working with Herb Middleton, Luminous upgraded his name to “sir” Luminous and signed with the Moontown Records & Publishing label. “sir” Luminous continues to write today with/and for many artist as he continues growing and taking himself to next levels.

“We're taking it to the moon” - “sir” Luminous and Herb Middleton







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